I hate Tiers

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Re: I hate Tiers

Post by dracostrike » Fri Sep 25, 2015 5:03 am

#SparksForGame wrote:
dracostrike wrote:
Rowwdy Yisb wrote:It's a system that helps less experienced players find the most competitive decks of the format, what's not to like 2bh

I didn't even know Qli still existed lol
You live in London, do you not go to the Brotherhood? I know there are plenty of Qlis there XD
The amount of times I've cycled through his area, heading to Bexleyheath to pester/flirt with their TO, I'm surprised I've not stopped by for a chinwag and Subway; a new version of Netflix and Chill
XD It took me a few minutes to recover after laughing so hard from that one XD
Thank you YCG, for everything.

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Re: I hate Tiers

Post by #SparksForGame » Fri Sep 25, 2015 7:50 am

dracostrike wrote:XD It took me a few minutes to recover after laughing so hard from that one XD
Hey, the TO of Bexleyheath is quite nice and she's a redhead! I also flirt with her son too (he's of legal age, thankfully), so it's all good :P
This totally ain't a spoiler for the future ;)
Maybe its time to get a signature picture of sorts >.> Max-rarity Yosenju's will be a thing!
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