I hope cryptocurrency bursts soon.

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I hope cryptocurrency bursts soon.

Post by MysticJhn » Thu Feb 15, 2018 1:24 am

There is one reason and one reason only I hate cryptocurrency.
It's eating up good graphics cards faster than a machine who's only purpose is to literally eat graphics cards.
Meanwhile, I'm sitting here trying to build a new gaming computer, and it's making it really hard without cheaping out.
As much as I don't understand what cryptocurrency mining is (I Googled it and still don't understand what it is or why it needs graphics cards),
the abundance of people using it rapidly is causing them to buy up graphics cards in BULK.
Not only is this keeping retailers out of stock constanly, but the prices of them is SKYROCKETING.
When I started this build back in November, the recommended card was right around $500.
Expensive from my perspective, but still reasonable for a computer that has to last me years.
At this point in time, the cards I want are now in the $800-1500 range.
Yes, THAT expensive.
If I was in a position to drop that kind of money on a single component, I'd be building a super computer that could fly a Tesla rocket.
I am having enough trouble affording the parts I want and buying them as is, but now I have a cryptocurrency market that
is actively working against me getting a decent card for my build on top of that.

Graphic cards are NOT what I wanted to cheap out on for this build, but if things don't go back to normal with prices,
I will be forced to consider less power and probably a refurbished card just to have anything half decent.

I hope all cryptocurrencies burn in the fires of hell right now.
I hope each and every [Whatever]Coin becomes worth less than this broken penny I found in the dirt last week.
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