Red Dragon Support Ideas

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Red Dragon Support Ideas

Post by kduy298 » Tue Apr 02, 2019 7:02 am

Hello, i am Duy. I'm a fan of Jack Atlas with the Red Dragon Archfiend series since Yugioh 5D's and as a non-competitive player, i play the archetype the most. Since the Link era comes in, I've tried a lot of builds for the deck while waiting for its supports. I found out that making new supports the deck is quite challenging. The latest Red Rising Dragon helps the deck a lot but its restriction makes it almost impossible to play with link monsters such as crystron needlefiber, but if you play it then the 1 extra mons zone is quite limited for your combo plays. I want to help giving ideas on the new supports for the deck that we should NOT make a link monster for the archetype but rather a new Level 2 RESONATOR (King Resonator maybe) that can "banish itself from the GY to move a Dark Synchro Dragon to a main monster zone". It helps keeping the Red Rising Dragon useful while maintaining spamming powerful dragons to the field. Its first effect can be varied from "If it is normal or special summon (to work with the red resonator and red rising), search your deck for a Fiend type monster (Wildwind, Warg, Resonators)" and the restriction of "This turn you can only Synchro Summon Dark Dragon from the extra deck" like in Red Rising for balancing.
So what do you think? I want to hear about your ideas to make the deck better and stay pure to its playstyle as well.
Thank you for reading and sorry for my bad English.