Your Pokemon TCG stories

Do you play Pokémon too? Here is a place to talk about it.
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Your Pokemon TCG stories

Post by Zargata » Tue Mar 18, 2008 1:56 am

*looks around* ok so I guess not many people play here but I thought I ask about you good and bad experiances with the card game. You know what you like about it, or what has driven you away.

Personaly I own a whole binder full, all mint never played with condition...of course I have no clue how to play. Yes yes guilty as charged, but I really do enjoy just looking at them. Could say its been a part of my childhood. I did start collecting back when they first came out when I was in fourth grade. Did some stupid stuff, lost one of my holo Machamps, even traded my Holo Mewtwo for a Raticate. Oh couse I was rather native.

I did have some good times too. Like after that stupid trade I did, my mother gaves me the last extra booster pack she had bought. (they bought a lot for us back then, seeing as how it was all we wanted) and what do you know, I got another Holo Mewtwo.

So yeah, it's been sitting in my book case for the past 9 or so years with out updates or anything, just chilling a long with my magic and yugioh cards. My ten year old nephews birthday is comming soon so I've been thinking of giving him my entire collection. I mean he's been crazy about it all his life, and pokemon is still his favoret over Yu-gi-oh, go figure.

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Re: Your Pokemon TCG stories

Post by daisyallen » Thu May 27, 2010 5:42 am

Provided information is petty good .As according to me I didn't play the Pokemon TCG in some 8 years or so, so I may not remember the rules that much.

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