Battles of Legend: Monsterous Revenge Booster Pack List

Release Date:

This base ultra rares booster pack, will contain 100+ cards, bringing 52 new cards to the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG. Offering cards to enhance many deck types. Denizens of the Underworld, Puppets to control, this set will add to many different deck types. Contains at least 1 card to add to your Adventurer, Dark Magician, Neos, Numbers, Odd-Eyes, P.U.N.K., Rokket, Performapals, Sky Strikers, tellarknights decks

Each pack will contain 5 cards: 4 Ultra Rares and 1 Secret Rare

Contains 100+ cards:
62 Ultra Rares
40 Secret Rares
20+ cards in the set are also available as Quarter Century Secret Rares

Battles of Legend: Monsterous Revenge Box

Set # Card Name New or Reprint Rarity
BLMR-EN001 Dark Magician the Knight of Dragon Magic New Secret Rare
BLMR-EN002 Armed Neos New
BLMR-EN003 Assault Synchron New Secret Rare
BLMR-EN004 Numbers Last Hope New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN005 Odd-Eyes Rebellion Xyz Dragon New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN006 Rokket Coder New Secret Rare
BLMR-EN007 Extox Hydra New Secret Rare, Quarter Century Secret Rare
BLMR-EN008 Tri-Edge Master New Secret Rare
BLMR-EN009 Daidaratant the Ooze Giant New Secret Rare
BLMR-EN010 Don't Slip, The Dogs of War New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN011 RGB Rainbowlution New Secret Rare
BLMR-EN012 Elemental HERO Flame Wingman - Infernal Rage New Secret Rare
BLMR-EN013 Link Decoder New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN014 Courageous Crimson Chevalier Bradamante New Secret Rare
BLMR-EN015 Puppet Pawn New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN016 Puppet Rook New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN017 Promotion New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN018 Battlefield Tragedy New Secret Rare
BLMR-EN019 Black Mamba New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN020 Urubonus, the Avatar of Malice New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN021 Lamia New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN022 Viper's Grudge New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN023 Ghost Lancer, The Underworld Spearman New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN024 Ghost Sleeper, The Underwold Princess New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN025 Ghost Wyvern, The Underworld Dragon New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN026 Ghost Fusion New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN027 Xyz Bento New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN028 Performapal Odd-Eyes Butler New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN029 Performapal Odd-Eyes Valet New Secret Rare
BLMR-EN030 Performapal Barokuriboh New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN031 Performapal Classikuriboh New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN032 Arms Regeneration New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN033 Praying Mantis New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN034 Guard Mantis New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN035 Golden Rule New Secret Rare
BLMR-EN036 Duality New Secret Rare
BLMR-EN037 Shadows's Light New Secret Rare
BLMR-EN038 Protection of the Elements New Secret Rare
BLMR-EN039 Blackwing - Sharnga the Waning Moon New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN040 Rose Shaman New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN041 Final Cross New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN042 Cattycorn New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN043 Photon Jumper New Secret Rare
BLMR-EN044 Mother Spider Splitter New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN045 Baby Spider New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN046 D/D/D/D Secret-Dimensional Sovreign Emperor Zero Paradox New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN047 Additional Mirror Level 7 New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN048 Synchro Zone New Secret Rare
BLMR-EN049 Sage of Strength - Akash New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN050 Sage of Wisdom - Himmel New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN051 Sage of Benevolence - Ciela New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN052 Sky Striker Ace - Azalea New Secret Rare
BLMR-EN053 Volcanic Shell Reprint Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN054 Dark Armed Dragon Reprint Ultra Rare, Quarter Centrury Secret Rare
BLMR-EN055 Aratama Reprint Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN056 SPYRAL Quik-Fix Reprint Ultra Rare, Quarter Century Secret Rare
BLMR-EN057 Knightmare Corruptor Iblee Repint Secret Rare
BLMR-EN058 Photon Vanisher Reprint Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN059 Danger! Nessie! Reprint Secret Rare
BLMR-EN060 Mathmech Sigma Reprint Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN061 Ukiyoe-P.U.N.K. Sharakusai Reprint Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN062 Noh-P.U.N.K. Ze Amin Reprint Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN063 Noh-P.U.N.K. Foxy Tune Reprint Secret Rare
BLMR-EN064 Noh-P.U.N.K. Ogre Dance Reprint Secret Rare
BLMR-EN065 Water Enchantress of the Temple Reprint Secret Rare
BLMR-EN066 Noh-P.U.N.K. Deer Note Reprint Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN067 Spright Carrot Reprint Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN068 Celestial Apparatus Tesea Reprint Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN069 Bystial Baldrake Reprint Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN070 Sakitama Reprint Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN071 Mysterion the Dragon Crown Reprint Secret Rare
BLMR-EN072 Ukiyoe-P.U.N.K. Rising Carp Reprint Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN073 Junk Archer Reprint Secret Rare
BLMR-EN074 Draco Berserker of the Tenyi Reprint Secret Rare
BLMR-EN075 Ukiyoe-P.U.N.K. Amazing Dragon Reprint Secret Rare
BLMR-EN076 Madolche Queen Tiaramisu Reprint Secret Rare
BLMR-EN077 Number 92: Heart-EartH Dragon Reprint Secret Rare
BLMR-EN078 Herald of Pure Light Reprint Secret Rare
BLMR-EN079 Number 65: Djinn Buster Reprint Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN080 Number 72: Shogi Rook Reprint Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN081 Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss Reprint Secret Rare, Quarter Centrury Secret Rare
BLMR-EN082 Stellarknight Constellar Diamond Reprint Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN083 Tellarknight Ptolemaeus Reprint Secret Rare, Quarter Century Secret Rare
BLMR-EN084 Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder Reprint Secret Rare, Quarter Century Secret Rare
BLMR-EN085 I:P Masquerena Reprint Secret Rare, Quarter Century Secret Rare
BLMR-EN086 Dark Hole Reprint Secret Rare
BLMR-EN087 Terraforming Reprint Secret Rare
BLMR-EN088 Dimensioanl Fissure Reprint Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN089 Super Polymerization Reprint Secret Rare
BLMR-EN090 Book of Eclipse Reprint Secret Rare
BLMR-EN091 Sky Striker Mobilize - Engage! Reprint (Alt Art) Secret Rare, Quarter Centrury Secret Rare
BLMR-EN092 Mathmech Equation Reprint Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN093 Rite of Aramesir Reprint Secret Rare, Quarter Centrury Secret Rare
BLMR-EN094 Dunnell, the Noble Arms of Light Reprint Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN095 Starlit Papillon Reprint Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN096 Zaralaam the Dark Palace Reprint Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN097 Forest of Lost Flowers Reprint Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN098 Spright Smashers Reprint Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN099 Curse of Aramatir Reprint Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN100 Macro Cosmos Reprint Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN101 Thunder Discharge New Ultra Rare
BLMR-EN102 Welcome Labrynth Reprint Secret Rare, Quarter Centrury Secret Rare

Battles of Legend: Monsterous Revenge Box