Cyberstorm Access Booster Pack Card List

Entering the Data Storm, Cyberstorm Access leans heavily into special summoning new monsters, with the pack's cover monster being a LINK-6 evolution of Firewall Dragon. The set also includes many Fusion, Ritual, Synchro effect monsters to add to many different archetypes.

Adds the new archetypes: Mannadium and Nemleria
Also multiple cards expanding the Code Talker, Gold Pride, Infinitrack, Purrely, Superheavy Samurai, and Tellarknight archetypes.

The set has 101 cards with a rarity distribution of:

  • 50 Commons
  • 26 Super Rares
  • 14 Ultra Rares
  • 10 Secret Rares

Release Date: 05/05/2023

Skill Cards

CYAC-EN000 Numbers Eveil Normal Spell Ultra Rare
CYAC-EN001 Firewall Defenser Effect Monster Rare
CYAC-EN002 Firewall Phantom Effect Monster Common
CYAC-EN003 Superheavy Samurai Motorbike Tuner/Effect Monster Common
CYAC-EN004 Superheavy Samurai Stealthy Effect Monster Common
CYAC-EN005 Superheavy Samurai Soulgaia Booster Effect Monster Common
CYAC-EN006 Superheavy Samurai Prodigy Wakaushi Pendulum/Tuner/Effect Monster Super Rare
CYAC-EN007 Superheavy Samurai Monk Big Benkei Pendulum/Effect Monster Common
CYAC-EN008 The Bystial Aluber Tuner/Effect Monster Super Rare
CYAC-EN009 Fallen of Argyros Effect Monster Common
CYAC-EN010 Icejade Ran Aegirine Tuner/Effect Monster Ultra Rare
CYAC-EN011 Guiding Quem, the Virtuous Tuner/Effect Monster Secret Rare
CYAC-EN012 Mannadium Riumheart Effect Monster Ultra Rare
CYAC-EN013 Mannadium Fearless Tuner/Effect Monster Super Rare
CYAC-EN014 Mannadium Meek Tuner/Effect Monster Super Rare
CYAC-EN015 Dreaming Nemleria Pendulum/Effect Monster Super Rare
CYAC-EN016 Nemleria Dream Defender - Oreiller Effect Monster Common
CYAC-EN017 Nemleria Dream Defender - Couette Effect Monster Common
CYAC-EN018 Purrelyly Effect Monster Common
CYAC-EN019 Hu-Li the Jewel Mikanko Effect Monster Common
CYAC-EN020 Tellarknight Altairan Effect Monster Super Rare
CYAC-EN021 Tellarknight Lyran Effect Monster Super Rare
CYAC-EN022 Infinitrack Road Roller Effect Monster Common
CYAC-EN023 Amazement Abomination Arlekino Effect Monster Common
CYAC-EN024 Tsumuha-Kutsunagi the Lord of Swords Spirit Monster Secret Rare
CYAC-EN025 Full Active Duplex Effect Monster Common
CYAC-EN026 Harvest Angel of Doom Pendulum/Effect Monster Super Rare
CYAC-EN027 Sakitama Spirit Monster Common
CYAC-EN028 Kitsuni Kitsunebi Effect Monster Common
CYAC-EN029 Ringowurm, the Dragon Guarding the Hundred Apples Tuner/Effect Monster Ultra Rare
CYAC-EN030 PenduLuMoon Pendulum/Effect Monster Common
CYAC-EN031 Wannabee! Effect Monster Super Rare
CYAC-EN032 Bunny Ear Enthusiast Effect Monster Common
CYAC-EN033 Cyberse Sage Ritual/Tuner/Effect Monster Common
CYAC-EN034 Cyberse Desavewurm Fusion/Effect Monster Common
CYAC-EN035 Albion the Sanctifire Dragon Fusion/Effect Monster Secret Rare
CYAC-EN036 Vicious Astraloud Fusion/Effect Monster Secret Rare
CYAC-EN037 Beetrooper Cruel Saturnas Fusion/Effect Monster Super Rare
CYAC-EN038 Dual Avatar - Manifested A-Un Fusion/Effect Monster Common
CYAC-EN039 Superheavy Samurai Brave Masurawo Effect Synchro Monster Ultra Rare
CYAC-EN040 Superheavy Samurai Commander Shanawo Synchro/Pendulum/Effect Monster Super Rare
CYAC-EN041 Bystial Dis Pater Synchro/Effect Monster Ultra Rare
CYAC-EN042 Despian Luluwalilith Synchro/Effect Monster Secret Rare
CYAC-EN043 Mannadium Prime-Heart Synchro/Effect Monster Ultra Rare
CYAC-EN044 Chaos Angel Synchro/Effect Monster Secret Rare
CYAC-EN045 Tellarknight Constellar Caduceus Xyz/Effect Monster Ultra Rare
CYAC-EN046 Virtual World Tiger - Fufu Xyz/Effect Monster Common
CYAC-EN047 Firewall Dragon Singularity Link/Effect Monster Secret Rare
CYAC-EN048 Protectcode Talker Link/Effect Monster Super Rare
CYAC-EN049 GranSolfachord Coolia Link/Effect Monster Super Rare
CYAC-EN050 S-Force Nightchaser Link/Effect Monster Super Rare
CYAC-EN051 Cynet Rollback Quick-Play Spell Super Rare
CYAC-EN052 Swordsoul Punishment Normal Spell Common
CYAC-EN053 Tri-Brigade Roar Quick-Play Spell Super Rare
CYAC-EN054 New Frontier Field Spell Common
CYAC-EN055 Kashtira Akstra Quick-Play Spell Common
CYAC-EN056 Mannadium Imaginings Normal Spell Common
CYAC-EN057 Mannadium Abscission Normal Spell Super Rare
CYAC-EN058 Peaceful Planet Calarium Field Spell Secret Rare
CYAC-EN059 Dream Tower of Princess Nemleria Continuous Spell Common
CYAC-EN060 Sweet Dreams, Nemleria Normal Spell Common
CYAC-EN061 Purrely Sleepy Memory Quick-Play Spell Common
CYAC-EN062 Mikanko Dance - Mayowashidori Equip Spell Common
CYAC-EN063 Libromancer Origin Story Continuous Spell Ultra Rare
CYAC-EN064 Constellar Tellarknights Continuous Spell Super Rare
CYAC-EN065 Solfachord Symphony Quick-Play Spell Common
CYAC-EN066 Gunkan Suship Catch-of-the-Day Continuous Spell Common
CYAC-EN067 Time-Tearing Morganite Normal Spell Super Rare
CYAC-EN068 Pig Iron vs. Pen Peg Quick-Play Spell Common
CYAC-EN069 Cynet Circuit Normal Trap Common
CYAC-EN070 Brightest, Blazing, Branded King Normal Trap Common
CYAC-EN071 Etude of the Branded Continuous Trap Common
CYAC-EN072 Mannadium Breakheart Normal Trap Common
CYAC-EN073 Mannadium Reframing Counter Trap Common
CYAC-EN074 A Shattered, Colorless Realm Normal Trap Common
CYAC-EN075 REINFORCE! Normal Trap Common
CYAC-EN076 Dinomorphia Intact Counter Trap Common
CYAC-EN077 Fusion Duplication Normal Trap Common
CYAC-EN078 Trap Tracks Normal Trap Common
CYAC-EN079 Double Hooking Continuous Trap Common
CYAC-EN080 Hatsugai Normal Trap Common
CYAC-EN081 Moissa Knight, the Comet General Pendulum/Effect Monster Common
CYAC-EN082 Golden Cloud Beast - Malong Synchro/Tuner/Effect Monster Common
CYAC-EN083 Imperial Princess Quinquery Xyz/Effect Monster Common
CYAC-EN084 Pendulum Pendant Normal Spell Common
CYAC-EN085 How Did Dai Get Here? Normal Trap Common
CYAC-EN086 Gold Pride - Roller Baller Effect Monster Secret Rare
CYAC-EN087 Gold Pride - Pin Baller‎ Fusion/Effect Monster Ultra Rare
CYAC-EN088 Gold Pride - Chariot Carrie Xyz/Effect Monster Ultra Rare
CYAC-EN089 Gold Pride - That Came Out of Nowhere! Quick-Play Spell Ultra Rare
CYAC-EN090 Gold Pride - Pedal to the Metal! Quick-Play Spell Common
CYAC-EN091 Gold Pride - Better Luck Next Time! Continuous Spell Secret Rare
CYAC-EN092 Gold Pride - It's Neck and Neck! Normal Trap Common
CYAC-EN093 Wish Dragon Effect Monster Super Rare
CYAC-EN094 Votis Effect Monster Super Rare
CYAC-EN095 Adularia of the June Moon Effect Monster Super Rare
CYAC-EN096 Kittytail, Mystical Beast of the Forest Effect Monster Super Rare
CYAC-EN097 Baromet the Sacred Sheep Shrub Xyz/Effect Monster Super Rare
CYAC-EN098 Reincarnation of the Seventh Emperors Normal Trap Super Rare
CYAC-EN099 Rebirth of the Seventh Emperors Normal Trap Super Rare
CYAC-EN100 Visas Starfrost Tuner/Effect Monster Starlight Rare