July 2024 North American Releases and Events

The Infinite Forbidden Pre-Release and Release

The Infinite Forbidden Booster Box

July 19th will see the release of The Infinite Forbidden, a set containing 100 new cards with a focus on expanding the Exodia archetype. The Unstoppable Exodia Incarnate is a new fusion monster that can set its ATK equal to your LP, negate a Spell/Trap activation, and cannot be destroyed by opponent's card effects. Carefully controling such a powerful monster comes at a cost of LP per turn. This sacrifice of LP becomes a new mechanic in this set call Infusion. Infusing will let duelist put Life Points into spell/trap cards to special summon monsters. In order to make up for this toll, there will be spell cards to let you summon these monsters without sacrificing LP.

NA Remote Duel Main Event Series

Pre Release Events for the set will happen July 13th-14th at participating stores. Players can buy into the event for the suggested price of $22.50 and will recieve 5 packs of The Infinite Forbidden plus should recieve an Unstoppable Exodia Incarnate Field Center card. Duelists will also be entered into a drawing for additional prizes such as a game mat or Millenium Ankh Ultra Rare card. Keep an eye on the official event page for a list of participating locations.

Yu-Gi-Oh Infinite Forbidden Pre Release Promo Cards

The Infinite Forbidden Premiere! Events

Tournaments and Events

Remote Duel Main Event Series

The Side Deck will be hosting events for Speed Duel, DUEL LINKS, and MASTER DUEL on the July 6-7th weekend. Check out The Side Deck discord link provided on the official page to find out more.

NA Remote Duel Main Event Series

2024 NA World Championship Qualifier & Dragon Duel Championship

Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship Qualifier Logo

The 2024 North American World Championship Qualifier will take place on July 19th - 21st in Austin, TX. Duelist will battle it out with the top 4 players securing an invite the World Championships which are schedules to take place in September in Seattle. The prize card for the top 32 players is once again Anotherverse Gluttonia. The top 16 players will receive a set (including all but Starlight Rare cards) of Legacy of Darkness and the top 8 will get a similar set of Legacy of Darkness and Infinite Forbidden.

A Dragon Duelist Championship will be held during the same weekend. Dragon Duelists is a league designed for younger duelist born 2010 or later. Prizes for this tournament are similar to those of the World Qualifiers with top players getting unique cards or near complete sets of recent releases. The major difference is instead of top players geting World's invite the top player will get a trip to Jump Festa.

NA 2024 World Qualifiers

Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship Qualifier Logo

Yu-Gi-Oh! at San Diego Comic-Con

Konami will be bringing the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise to San Diego Comic-Con July 24th - July 28th. The booth with include a How-To-Play tutorial for new duelist, showcase various Yu-Gi-Oh! video games, and a chance to craft a custom Token Card. Enterprising duelist who bring their constructed deck with them could get a chance to Duel a Master. Visitors who participate in one of the booths demos will also have a chance to win prizes. Konami is slated to be at booth #3713 on the San Diego Comic-Con Exhibit Hall.

San Diego Comic-Con Yu-Gi-Oh