Valiant Smashers Booster Pack List

This 60 card booster pack is concentrated on introducing 3 new archetypes to the game. Rising from the past are the Mementos of a ancient netherworld civilization. Their monsters feed into summoning their powerful boss Mementoal Tecuhtlica. Next suit up with the Centur-Ions, these 2 brave knights fight along their mecha partner, or sychronize with it. Centur-Ions also can enter the Spell & Trap Zone allowing them to come back just when needed. Finally the music of the Vaalmonica fills the battlefield. Anchored by two Pendulum monsters these weave spells which can grant help and harm.

Introducing 3 New Archetypes:

  • Memento
  • Centur-Ion
  • Vaalmonica

Rarity Distribution:

  • 10 Ultra Rares
  • 15 Super Rares
  • 35 Rares
  • 15 cards also available in Collector's Rares
  • 3 cards also available in Quarter Century Secret Rares: Mementoal Tecuhtlica - Combined Creation, Centur-Ion Legatia, Archlord Kristya

Valiant Smashers Booster Pack releases on November 17th, 2023

Valiant Smashers Booster Pack promo image

Set ID Name Type Rarity
VASM-EN001 Mementoal Tecuhtlica - Combined Creation Effect Monster Ultra Rare, Collector's Rare, Quarter Century Rare New
VASM-EN002 Mementotlan-Horned Dragon Effect Monster Rare New
VASM-EN003 Mementotlan Tatsunootoshigo Effect Monster Super Rare New
VASM-EN004 Mementotlan Dark Blade Effect Monster Super Rare, Collector's Rare New
VASM-EN005 Mementotlan Angwitch Effect Monster Ultra Rare New
VASM-EN006 Mementotlan Mace Effect Monster Super Rare New
VASM-EN007 Mementotlan Goblin Effect Monster Rare New
VASM-EN008 Mementomictlan Field Spell Rare New
VASM-EN009 Mementotlan Bone Party Quick-Play Spell Ultra Rare New
VASM-EN010 Mementotlan Bone Back Quick-Play Spell Rare New
VASM-EN011 Mementotlan Fracture Dance Trap Rare New
VASM-EN012 Mementotlan Cranium Burst Continuous Trap Rare New
VASM-EN013 Terraforming Spell Rare
VASM-EN014 Supply Squad Continuous Spell Rare
VASM-EN015 There Can Be Only One Continuous Trap Rare
VASM-EN016 Centur-Ion Primera Tuner/Effect Monster Ultra Rare New
VASM-EN017 Centur-Ion Trudea Effect Monster Ultra Rare New
VASM-EN018 Centur-Ion Emeth VI Effect Monster Ultra Rare New
VASM-EN019 Centur-Ion Legatia Synchro/Effect Monster Ultra Rare, Collector's Rare, Quarter Century Secret Rare New
VASM-EN020 Stand Up Centur-Ion! Field Trap Super Rare, Collector's Rare New
VASM-EN021 Emblema Oath Quick-Play Spell Ultra Rare New
VASM-EN022 Centur-Ion Bonds Quick-Play Spell Super Rare New
VASM-EN023 Centur-Ion Phalanx Trap Super Rare New
VASM-EN024 Centur-Ion True Awakening Counter Trap Super Rare New
VASM-EN025 Summoner Monk Effect Monster Rare
VASM-EN026 Draco Berserker of the Tenyi Synchro/Effect Monster Rare
VASM-EN027 Angel of Zera Synchro/Effect Monster Rare
VASM-EN028 Magic Planter Spell Rare
VASM-EN029 Synchro Transmission Trap Rare
VASM-EN030 Gravity Collapse Counter Trap Rare
VASM-EN031 Angello Vaalmonica Pendulum/Effect Monster Super Rare, Collector's Rare New
VASM-EN032 Dimonno Vaalmonica Pendulum/Effect Monster Super Rare New
VASM-EN033 Duralume, Vaalmonican Heathen Hallow Link/Effect Monster Super Rare New
VASM-EN034 Zebufera, Vaalmonican Hallow Heathen Link/Effect Monster Super Rare New
VASM-EN035 Vaalmonica, the Agathokakological Voice Field Spell Ultra Rare New
VASM-EN036 Vaalmonica Scelta Spell Ultra Rare New
VASM-EN037 Vaalmonica Versare Spell Super Rare New
VASM-EN038 Vaalmonica Intonare Spell Super Rare New
VASM-EN039 Vaalmonica Followed Rhythm Trap Super Rare New
VASM-EN040 Vaalmonica Chosen Melody Trap Super Rare New
VASM-EN041 Protecting Spirit Loagaeth Effect Monster Rare
VASM-EN042 Performage Trick Clown Effect Monster Rare
VASM-EN043 Ghost Sister & Spooky Dogwood Tuner/Effect Monster Rare
VASM-EN044 Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir Xyz/Effect Monster Rare
VASM-EN045 Stained Glass of Light & Dark Trap Rare
VASM-EN046 Honest Effect Monster Rare
VASM-EN047 Dark Honest Effect Monster Rare
VASM-EN048 Archlord Kristya Effect Monster Rare, Quarter Century Secret Rare
VASM-EN049 Meklord Emperor Wisel Effect Monster Rare
VASM-EN050 Meklord Emperor Granel Effect Monster Rare
VASM-EN051 Abominable Unchained Soul Effect Monster Rare
VASM-EN052 Ibicella Lutea Effect Monster Rare
VASM-EN053 Archnemeses Eschatos Effect Monster Rare
VASM-EN054 Colossal Fighter Synchro/Effect Monster Rare
VASM-EN055 Foolish Burial Spell Rare
VASM-EN056 Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen Continuous Spell Rare
VASM-EN057 Advance Draw Spell Rare
VASM-EN058 Imperial Custom Continuous Trap Rare
VASM-EN059 Call of the Haunted Continuous Trap Rare
VASM-EN060 Apophis the Swamp Deity Continuous Trap Rare