Wild Survivors Booster Pack Card List

Release Date:

This base rares (containing no commons or uncommons) booster pack, centers around 3 new play styles. Reveal your path to victory with Vanquish Souls which activate abilities by revealing different Attributes. Spice up your deck with the recipes of Nouvelles; combining different ingredients through rituals to produce a knock out flavor. Finally, Dinosaurs seek to rule again with a boost from the Transcedosaurus cards.

Contains 60 cards:

  • 10 Ultra Rares
  • 15 Super Rares
  • 35 Rares

15 cards in the set are also available as Collector's Rares (Not all known yet)

Introduces the Vanquish Soul and Nouvelles archetypes.

Wild Survivors Booster Box

WISU-EN001 Xeno Meteorus New
Super Rare, Collector's Rare
WISU-EN002 Transcendosaurus Meteorus New Super Rare
WISU-EN003 Transcendosaurus Gigantozowler New Super Rare
WISU-EN004 Transcendosaurus Glaciasaurus New Rare
WISU-EN005 Transcendosaurus Drillygnathus New Rare
WISU-EN006 Ground Xeno New Ultra Rare
WISU-EN007 Supersoaring New Rare
WISU-EN008 Frostosaurus Reprint Rare
WISU-EN009 Ultimate Conductor Tyranno Reprint
Rare, Collector's Rare
WISU-EN010 Giant Rex Reprint Rare
WISU-EN011 Miscellaneousaurus Reprint Rare
WISU-EN012 Souleating Oviraptor Reprint
Rare, Collector's Rare
WISU-EN013 Babycerasaurus Reprint Rare
WISU-EN014 Petiteranodon Reprint Rare
WISU-EN015 Evolzar Solda Reprint Rare
WISU-EN016 Vanquish Soul Razen New Ultra Rare
WISU-EN017 Vanquish Soul Pantera New Ultra Rare
WISU-EN018 Vanquish Soul Heavy Borger New Ultra Rare
WISU-EN019 Vanquish Soul Dr. Mad Love New Ultra Rare
WISU-EN020 Vanquish Soul Pluton HG New Super Rare
WISU-EN021 Vanquish Soul Caesar Valius New
Ultra Rare, Collector's Rare
WISU-EN022 Rock of the Vanquisher New Ultra Rare
WISU-EN023 Stake your Soul! New
Ultra Rare, Collector's Rare
WISU-EN024 Vanquish Soul Dust Devil New Super Rare
WISU-EN025 Vanquish Soul - Continue? New Super Rare
WISU-EN026 Vanquish Soul Trinity Burst New Super Rare
WISU-EN027 Vanquish Soul Calamity Caesar New Rare
WISU-EN028 Fire Formation - Tenki New
Rare, Collector's Rare
WISU-EN029 Buerillabaisse de Nouvelles New Rare
WISU-EN030 Confiras de Nouvelles New Super Rare
WISU-EN031 Poeltis de Nouvelles New Super Rare
WISU-EN032 Foie Glasya de Nouvelles New Super Rare
WISU-EN033 Balameuniere de Nouvelles New Super Rare
WISU-EN034 Baelgrill de Nouvelles New Super Rare
WISU-EN035 Nouvelles Restaurant At Table"" New Ultra Rare
WISU-EN036 Voici la Carte (Today's Menu) New Ultra Rare
WISU-EN037 Recette de Poisson (Fish Recipe) New Super Rare
WISU-EN038 Recette de Viande (Meat Recipe) New Super Rare
WISU-EN039 Recette de Personnel (Staff Recipe) New Rare
WISU-EN040 Chef's Special Recipe New
Rare, Collector's Rare
WISU-EN041 Hungry Burger Reprint
Super Rare, Collector's Rare
WISU-EN042 Hamburger Recipe Reprint Rare
WISU-EN043 Impcantation Candoll Reprint Rare
WISU-EN044 Impcantation Talismandra Reprint Rare
WISU-EN045 Preparation of Rites Reprint Rare
WISU-EN046 Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands Reprint Rare
WISU-EN047 True King Lithosagym, the Disaster Reprint Rare
WISU-EN048 Impcantation Penciplume Reprint Rare
WISU-EN049 Impcantation Bookstone Reprint Rare
WISU-EN050 Animadorned Archosaur Reprint
Rare, Collector's Rare
WISU-EN051 Impcantation Chalislime Reprint Rare
WISU-EN052 Enemy Controller Reprint Rare
WISU-EN053 Double Evolution Pill Reprint Rare
WISU-EN054 Allure of Darkness Reprint Rare
WISU-EN055 Fossil Dig Reprint Rare
WISU-EN056 Pre-Preparation of Rites Reprint Rare
WISU-EN057 Lost World Reprint Rare
WISU-EN058 Deck Devastation Virus Reprint Rare
WISU-EN059 Eradicator Epidemic Virus Reprint Rare
WISU-EN060 There Can Be Only One Reprint Rare
WISU-EN060 There Can Be Only One Reprint Rare