YuGiOh: Right Leg of the Forbidden One

Yu-Gi-Oh Card: Right Leg of the Forbidden One
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Right Leg of the Forbidden One
Type: Normal Monster
Sub-Type: Spellcaster
Attribute: DARK
Level: 1
ATK: 200
DEF: 300
Text: A forbidden right leg sealed by magic. Whosoever breaks this seal will know infinite power.
Password: 08124921
Printings Battles of Legend: Crystal Revenge (BLCR-EN102) - 2022-11-17
Legendary Decks II: Yugi's Deck (LDK2-ENY07) - 2016-10-07
Premium Gold: Return of the Bling (PGL2-EN022) - 2015-12-13
Yugi's Legendary Decks: Yugi First Season Deck (YGLD-ENA18) - 2015-11-13
Legendary Collection 3: Mega-Pack (LCYW-EN302) - 2012-10-02
Duelist League 11 (DL11-EN002) - 2010-12-01
Dark Legends (DLG1-EN018) - 2008-11-21
Retro Pack 1 (RP01-EN017) - 2008-07-08
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Ultimate Beginner's Pack (UBP1-EN001) - 2006-07-19
Dark Beginnings 1 (DB1-EN135) - 2004-10-12
Legends of Blue Eyes White Dragon (LOB-EN120) - 2002-03-08