The Crimson King Structure Deck

Take to the track with this deck inspired by the king of the Ride Ace Dueling League, Jack Atlas. Use your Resonators and powerful King monsters to accelerate to the Red Dragons. Crimson King features a large extra deck that can reach thrilling speeds. 50 unique cards are included in the deck with 9 being brand new to the TCG, including Everyone's King our first Human sub-type.

The Crimson King Structure Deck is slated for release on September 22th, 2023

The Crimson King Structure Deck promo image

Set ID Name Rarity
SDCK-EN001 Soul Resonator (New) Ultra Rare
SDCK-EN002 Vision Resonator (New) Ultra Rare
SDCK-EN003 Bone Archfiend (New) Common
SDCK-EN004 Dark Resonator Common
SDCK-EN005 Creation Resonator Common
SDCK-EN006 Synkron Resonator Common
SDCK-EN007 Red Resonator Common
SDCK-EN008 Crimson Resonator Common
SDCK-EN009 Vice Dragon Common
SDCK-EN010 Battle Fader Common
SDCK-EN011 Red Sprinter Common
SDCK-EN012 Red Warg Common
SDCK-EN013 Wandering King Wildwind Common
SDCK-EN014 Phantom King Hydride Common
SDCK-EN015 Magical King Moonstar Common
SDCK-EN016 Absolute King Back Jack Common
SDCK-EN017 Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode Common
SDCK-EN018 Assault Beast Common
SDCK-EN019 Psi-Reflector Common
SDCK-EN020 Fire Ant Ascator Common
SDCK-EN021 Ascator, Dawnwalker Common
SDCK-EN022 Danger! Nessie! Common
SDCK-EN023 Danger! Chupacabra! Common
SDCK-EN024 Witch of the Black Forest Common
SDCK-EN025 Absolute Powerforce (New) Common
SDCK-EN026 Crimson Gaia (New) Common
SDCK-EN027 Resonator Engine Common
SDCK-EN028 Resonator Call Common
SDCK-EN029 Resonator Command Common
SDCK-EN030 Burning Soul Common
SDCK-EN031 Pot of Extravagance Common
SDCK-EN032 Fiendish Golem (New) Common
SDCK-EN033 Red Zone (New) Common
SDCK-EN034 King's Synchro Common
SDCK-EN035 Red Reign Common
SDCK-EN036 Time to Stand Up Common
SDCK-EN037 Fiendish Chain Common
SDCK-EN038 Powerful Rebirth Common
SDCK-EN039 Assault Mode Activate Common
SDCK-EN040 Terrors of the Overroot Common
SDCK-EN041 Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend Common
SDCK-EN042 Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Abyss Common
SDCK-EN043 Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Bane Common
SDCK-EN044 Red Supernova Dragon Super Rare
SDCK-EN045 Red Dragon Archfiend Utra Rare
SDCK-EN046 Red Nova Dragon Common
SDCK-EN047 Hot Red Dragon Archfiend King Calamity Super Rare
SDCK-EN048 Red Rising Dragon Ultra Rare
SDCK-EN049 Scarred Red Dragon Archfiend (New) Super Rare
SDCK-EN050 Everyone's King (New) Ultra Rare