YuGiOh: Red Warg

Yu-Gi-Oh Card: Red Warg
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Red Warg
Type: Effect Monster
Sub-Type: Fiend
Attribute: FIRE
Level: 6
ATK: 1400
DEF: 2200
Text: When you Normal Summon a "Resonator" monster: You can Special Summon this card from your hand, but its ATK becomes halved.
Password: 45313993
Printings The Crimson King Structure Deck (SDCK-EN012) - 2023-09-21
2017 Mega-Tin Mega Pack (MP17-EN069) - 2017-08-25
Duelist Pack: Dimensional Guardians (DPDG-EN025) - 2017-05-26
The Dark Illusion (TDIL-EN014) - 2016-08-05