Legacy of Destruction Pack List

The Shinig Sarcophagus opens bestowing Yugi's favorite cards with new powers. Inspired by Yugi's final battle with Atem this booster pack introduces the Shining Sarcophagus archetype. Shining Sarcophagus not only fetches your cards from the deck but can also knock out your opponents Special Summons. Classic monsters like Gandora, the Dragon of Destruction, Silent Swordsman/Magician each seek to increase their attack by increasing their level or banishing cards. The Gear Trio fetches the Shining Sarcophagus or related cards to set up your combos.

Legacy of Destruction also introduces the Ragnaraika archetype. Focused on Summoning and Link Summoning Insect, Plant or Reptile type monsters. This archetype mixes well with other archetypes featuring those types. The Ashen archetype continue their futile fight to save the city of Obsidium. Despite erupting with new power their future is bleek; a stronger form of Veidos will devistate their city despite their new strength. This set also releases the Tenpai/Sangenpai a set of Fire attribute dragons that can quickly build up to their Synchro Summoning.

Rarity Distribution:

84 cards in the set:

  • 10 Secret Rares
  • 14 Ultra Rare
  • 26 Super Rare
  • 50 Commons
  • 24 Quarter Century Secret Rare, 24 alternate version of cards and 1 reprint of Magicians of Bond and Unity

Legacy of Destruction Booster Packs releases on April 26th, 2024

New Archetypes

  • Ragnaraika
  • Sangen
  • Shining Sarcophagus

Existing Archetypes

Legacy of Destruction promo image

Set ID Name Type Rarity
LEDE-EN000 Magicians of Bonds and Unity Effect Monster QCSR
LEDE-EN001 Gandora-G the Dragon of Destruction Effect Monster ScR, QCSR
LEDE-EN002 Silent Swordsman Zero Effect Monster UR, QCSR
LEDE-EN003 Silent Magician Zero Effect Monster ScR, QCSR
LEDE-EN004 Gadget Trio Effect Monster UR, QCSR
LEDE-EN005 Moremarshmallon Effect Monster SuR
LEDE-EN006 Ancient Gear Dark Golem Effect Monster SuR
LEDE-EN007 Ancient Gear Tanker Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN008 Ancient Gear Commander Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN009 Refrain the Melodious Songstress Pendulum/Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN010 Couplet the Melodious Songstress Pendulum/Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN011 Snake-Eyes Diabellstar Effect Monster UR, QCSR
LEDE-EN012 Diabellze the Original Sinkeeper Effect Monster ScR, QCSR
LEDE-EN013 Ragnaraika the Evil Seed Effect Monster ScR, QCSR
LEDE-EN014 Ragnaraika Samurai Beetle Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN015 Ragnaraika Armored Lizard Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN016 Tenpai Dragon Paidra Effect Monster SuR
LEDE-EN017 Tenpai Dragon Fadra Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN018 Tenpai Dragon Chundra Tuner/Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN019 Gruesome Grave Squirmer Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN020 Gold Pride - Eliminator Tuner/Effect Monster SuR
LEDE-EN021 Centur-Ion Gargoyle II Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN022 Selettrice Vaalmonica Effect Monster UR, QCSR
LEDE-EN023 Lightsworn Dragonling Effect Monster UR, QCSR
LEDE-EN024 Weiss, Lightsworn Archfiend Tuner/Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN025 Wightlord Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN026 Golgoil the Steel Seismic Smasher Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN027 Mikazukinoyaiba, the Moon Fang Dragon Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN028 Talons of Shurilane Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN029 Nightmare Apprentice Effect Monster ScR, QCSR
LEDE-EN030 Dinovatus Docus Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN031 Cyclos the Circular Sprite Tuner/Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN032 Fishborg Harpooner Tuner/Effect Monster SuR
LEDE-EN033 Cooling Embers Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN034 Saffira, Divine Dragon of the Voiceless Voice Ritual/Effect Monster UR, QCSR
LEDE-EN035 Bacha the Melodious Maestra Fusion/Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN036 Flowering Etoile the Melodious Magnificat Fusion/Effect Monster SuR
LEDE-EN037 Mementotlan Twin Dragon Fusion/Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN038 Enlightenment Dragon Fusion/Effect Monster SuR
LEDE-EN039 Sangenpai Bident Dragion Synchro/Tuner/Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN040 Sangenpai Transcendent Dragion Synchro/Effect Monster SuR
LEDE-EN041 Gold Pride - Eradicator Synchro/Effect Monster UR, QCSR
LEDE-EN042 Centur-Ion Auxila Synchro/Effect Monster ScR, QCSR
LEDE-EN043 Minerva, the Athenian Lightsworn Synchro/Effect Monster UR, QCSR
LEDE-EN044 Goblin Biker Troika Griare Xyz/Effect Monster SuR
LEDE-EN045 Varudras, the Final Bringer of the End Times Xyz/Effect Monster ScR, QCSR
LEDE-EN046 Tantrum Toddler Xyz/Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN047 Ragnaraika Skeletal Soldier Link/Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN048 Ragnaraika Mantis Monk Link/Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN049 Ragnaraika Chain Coils Link/Effect Monster SuR
LEDE-EN050 Ragnaraika Stag Sovereign Link/Effect Monster UR, QCSR
LEDE-EN051 Shining Sarcophagus Continuous Spell ScR, QCSR
LEDE-EN052 Turn Silence Quick-Play Spell SuR
LEDE-EN053 Ties That Bind Normal Spell UR, QCSR
LEDE-EN054 Future Silence Quick-Play Spell ScR, QCSR
LEDE-EN055 Ancient Gear Advance Continuous Spell C
LEDE-EN056 Melodious Concerto Normal Spell C
LEDE-EN057 Sinful Spoils Struggle Quick-Play Spell C
LEDE-EN058 Ragnaraika Bloom Continuous Spell ScR, QCSR
LEDE-EN059 Sangen Summoning Field Spell C
LEDE-EN060 Sangen Kaimen Quick-Play Spell C
LEDE-EN061 Nightmare Throne Field Spell UR, QCSR
LEDE-EN062 Blessing of the Voiceless Voice Continuous Spell SuR
LEDE-EN063 Mementotlan Fusion Quick-Play Spell C
LEDE-EN064 Wake Up Centur-Ion! Quick-Play Spell UR, QCSR
LEDE-EN065 Vaalmonica Invitare Quick-Play Spell C
LEDE-EN066 Vaalmonica Disarmonia Normal Spell C
LEDE-EN067 Way Where There's a Will Field Spell SuR
LEDE-EN068 Blink Out Quick-Play Spell C
LEDE-EN069 Metaltronus Quick-Play Spell SuR
LEDE-EN070 In Papa's Footsteps Quick-Play Spell C
LEDE-EN071 Stronghold the Hidden Fortress Continuous Trap C
LEDE-EN072 Ancient Gear Duel Continuous Trap C
LEDE-EN073 Goblin Biker Grand Pileup Normal Trap C
LEDE-EN074 Sinful Spoils Subdual Normal Trap C
LEDE-EN075 Sinful Spoils of Slumber - Morrian Normal Trap C
LEDE-EN076 Ragnaraika Hunting Dance Normal Trap C
LEDE-EN077 Lightsworn Aegis Normal Trap C
LEDE-EN078 Mirage Mirror Force Normal Trap SuR
LEDE-EN079 Zoma the Earthbound Spirit Continuous Trap C
LEDE-EN080 Simultaneous Equation Cannons Normal Trap C
LEDE-EN081 Pyrite Knight Effect Monster SuR
LEDE-EN082 Battleguard Echoes Continuous Spell SuR
LEDE-EN083 Double Dai Normal Trap C
LEDE-EN084 Krishnerd Witch Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN085 Jungle Dweller Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN086 Multi-Universe Field Spell SuR
LEDE-EN087 Vouiburial, the Dragon Undertaker Effect Monster UR, QCSR
LEDE-EN088 Aiza the Dragoness of Deranged Devotion Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN089 Haggard Lizardose Link/Effect Monster C
LEDE-EN090 Shaman of the Ashened City Effect Monster SuR
LEDE-EN091 Spearhead of the Ashened City Effect Monster SuR
LEDE-EN092 Veidos the Dragon of Endless Darkness Fusion/Effect Monster UR, QCSR
LEDE-EN093 Embers of the Ashened Fusion/Effect Monster SuR
LEDE-EN094 Rekindling the Ashened Quick-Play Spell SuR
LEDE-EN095 Extinguishing the Ashened Normal Spell C
LEDE-EN096 Ashened to Endlessness Continuous Trap C
LEDE-EN097 Dandy Whitelion Effect Monster SuR
LEDE-EN098 Pendulum Witch Pendulum/Effect Monster SuR
LEDE-EN099 Code of Soul Effect Monster SuR
LEDE-EN100 Supreme King Z-ARC - Synchro Universe Synchro/Pendulum/Effect Monster SuR

Rarity Key:
QCSR = Quarter Century Secret Rare,
ScR = Secret Rare,
UR = Ultra Rare,
SuR = Super Rare,
C = Common