YuGiOh: Exodia, the Legendary Defender

Yu-Gi-Oh Card: Exodia, the Legendary Defender
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Exodia, the Legendary Defender
Type: Effect Monster
Sub-Type: Spellcaster
Attribute: DARK
Level: 10
ATK: ?
DEF: ?
Text: Cannot be Special Summoned. You can Tribute 5 monsters to Tribute Summon (but not Set) this card. This card's ATK/DEF become the combined original ATK/DEF of the Tributed monsters. If this card Summoned this way destroys a DARK Fiend monster owned by your opponent, you win the Duel at the end of the Damage Step.
Password: 05008836
Printings 2019 Gold Sarcophagus Tin Promos (TN19-EN003) - 2019-08-29