Fire Prison

Yu-Gi-Oh Card: Fire Prison
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Fire Prison
Type:Field Spell
Text:All Dragon monsters on the field gain 300 DEF. If any Link Monster is on the field, neither player can Link Summon a monster with a lower Link Rating than the highest Link Rating on the field. Monsters cannot attack, except Link Monsters. Apply the following effects while 2 or more Cyberse Link Monsters are on the field.
  • Negate the activated effects of Cyberse monsters.
  • Cyberse monsters cannot attack, cannot be targeted for attacks, and cannot be targeted by card effects.
  • Password:00269510
    Printings: 2018 Mega-Tin Mega Pack (MP18-EN204)
    Extreme Force (EXFO-EN052)
    Star Pack VRAINS (SP18-EN043)