Soul Charge

Yu-Gi-Oh Card: Soul Charge
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Soul Charge
Type:Normal Spell
Text:Target any number of monsters in your Graveyard; Special Summonthem, and if you do, you lose 1000 Life Points for each monster Special Summoned by this effect. You cannot conduct your Battle Phase the turn you activate this card. You can only activate 1 "Soul Charge" per turn.
Printings: Dragons of Legend (DRLG-EN014)
Dragons of Legend: The Complete Series (DLCS-EN016)
Dragons of Legend: Unleashed (DRL3-EN051)
Duelist Saga (DUSA-EN092)
Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck (SR01-EN033)
Legendary Hero Deck B (LEHD-ENB20)
Structure Deck: Cyberse Link (SDCL-EN024)