YuGiOh: Ursarctic Quint Charge

Yu-Gi-Oh Card: Ursarctic Quint Charge
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Ursarctic Quint Charge
Type:Continuous Trap
Text:Once per turn: You can pay 700 LP, then activate 1 of the following effects;
  • Add 1 "Ursarctic" monster from your GY to your hand.
  • Tribute 2 "Ursarctic" monsters (even if face-down), and if you do, Special Summon from your Extra Deck, 1 "Ursarctic" monster with a Level equal to the difference in Levels of those monsters, ignoring its Summoning conditions.
    When your "Ursarctic" Synchro Monster is destroyed by an opponent's attack: You can activate this effect; your opponent must shuffle cards into the Deck so the total number of cards in their hand, field, and GY is 7.
  • Password:15758127
    Printings: Ancient Guardians (ANGU-EN039)