YuGiOh: Light-Imprisoning Mirror

Yu-Gi-Oh Card: Light-Imprisoning Mirror
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Light-Imprisoning Mirror
Type: Continuous Trap
Text: Negate all LIGHT monster effects activated on the field or in the GY.
Password: 53341729
Printings Magnificent Mavens (MAMA-EN096) - 2022-11-04
Astral Pack 7 (AP07-EN025) - 2015-06-05
Duelist League 14 (DL14-EN019) - 2012-06-01
Turbo Pack : Booster 2 (TU02-EN010) - 2010-01-09
Gladiator's Assault (GLAS-EN069) - 2007-11-14
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First Appeared

When the effect of a LIGHT monster activates on the field or in the Graveyard, negate it. 2007-11-14