YuGiOh: Riryoku

Yu-Gi-Oh Card: Riryoku
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Type:Normal Spell
Text:Select 2 face-up monsters on the field. Halve the ATK of 1 monster, and add that amount to the ATK of the other monster, until the End Phase.
Printings: Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants (BP02-EN142)
Dinosaur's Rage Structure Deck (SD09-EN021)
Legendary Collection 4: Mega-Pack (LCJW-EN234)
Legendary Duelists (LEDU-EN047)
Shadow of Infinity (SOI-ENSE2)
Speed Duel GX: Midterm Paradox (SGX2-ENC11)
Speed Duel Starter Deck - Destiny Masters (SS01-ENA12)
The Sacred Cards (TSC-002)