YuGiOh: Shard of Greed

Yu-Gi-Oh Card: Shard of Greed
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Shard of Greed
Type:Continuous Spell
Text:Each time you draw a card(s) for your normal draw in your Draw Phase, place 1 Greed Counter on this card. You can send this card with 2 or more Greed Counters to the Graveyard; draw 2 cards.
Printings: Speed Duel Starter Deck - Destiny Masters (SS01-ENV01) - 2019-01-25
Starter Deck: Yugi Reloaded (YSYR-EN037) - 2013-12-06
Starter Deck: Kaiba Reloaded (YSKR-EN041) - 2013-12-06
Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants (BP02-EN165) - 2013-06-28
Photon Shockwave (PHSW-EN057) - 2011-11-15