"Starter Deck: Kaiba Reloaded" Card List and Spoiler

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Card # Card Name Type ATR Sub Type LVL ATK DEF Rarity Card Text Buy It
YSKR-EN001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Normal Monster LIGHT Dragon 8 3000 2500 Ultimate Rare This legendary dragon is a powerful engine of destruction. Virtually invincible, very few have faced this awesome creature and lived to tell the tale.
YSKR-EN002 Aqua Madoor Normal Monster WATER Spellcaster 4 1200 2000 Common A wizard of the waters that conjures a liquid wall to crush any enemies that oppose him.
YSKR-EN003 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp Normal Monster DARK Fiend 4 1800 1000 Common A genie of the lamp that is at the beck and call of its master.
YSKR-EN004 Battle Ox Normal Monster EARTH Beast-Warrior 4 1700 1000 Common A monster with tremendous power, it destroys enemies with a swing of its axe.
YSKR-EN005 Opticlops Normal Monster DARK Fiend 4 1800 1700 Common A one-eyed giant that serves the "Dark Ruler Ha Des", it skewers its enemies with its sharp horn, shattering them to pieces.
YSKR-EN006 The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave Normal Monster WIND Dragon 4 1300 2000 Common A huge dragon dwelling in a cave. It is horrible when it gets angry, although it is usually quiet. It is said to preserve certain treasures.
YSKR-EN007 Luster Dragon Normal Monster WIND Dragon 4 1900 1600 Common A very beautiful dragon covered with sapphire. It does not like fights, but has incredibly high attack power.
YSKR-EN008 X-Head Cannon Normal Monster LIGHT Machine 4 1800 1500 Common A monster with a mighty cannon barrel, it is able to integrate its attacks. It attacks in many ways by combining and separating with other monsters.
YSKR-EN009 Mad Dog of Darkness Normal Monster DARK Beast 4 1900 1400 Common He used to be a normal dog who played around in a park, but was corrupted by the powers of darkness.
YSKR-EN010 Vorse Raider Normal Monster DARK Beast-Warrior 4 1900 1200 Common This wicked Beast-Warrior does every horrid thing imaginable and loves it! His axe bears the marks of his countless victims.
YSKR-EN011 Alexandrite Dragon Normal Monster LIGHT Dragon 4 2000 100 Common Many of the czars' lost jewels can be found in the scales of this priceless dragon. Its creator remains a mystery, along with how they acquired the imperial treasures. But whosoever finds this dragon has hit the jackpot... whether they know it or not.
YSKR-EN012 Wattaildragon Normal Monster LIGHT Dragon 6 2500 1000 Common Capable of indefinite flight. Attacks by wrapping its body with electricity and ramming into opponents.
IMPORTANT: Capturing the "Wattaildragon" is forbidden by the Ancient Rules and is a Level 6 offense, the minimum sentence for which is imprisonment for no less than 2500 heliocycles.
YSKR-EN013 Twin-Headed Behemoth Effect Monster WIND Dragon 3 1500 1200 Common During the End Phase, if this card was destroyed on the field and sent to the Graveyard this turn: Special Summon it from the Graveyard, and make its ATK and DEF 1000. Each player can only use the effect of "Twin-Headed Behemoth" once per Duel.
YSKR-EN014 Yomi Ship Effect Monster WATER Aqua 3 800 1400 Common When this card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard as a result of battle, destroy the monster that destroyed this card.
YSKR-EN015 Des Feral Imp Flip/Effect Monster DARK Reptile 4 1600 1800 Common FLIP: Select 1 card from your Graveyard, add it to your Deck, and shuffle your Deck.
YSKR-EN016 Kaiser Sea Horse Effect Monster LIGHT Sea Serpent 4 1700 1650 Common This card can be treated as 2 Tributes for the Tribute Summon of a LIGHT monster.
YSKR-EN017 Chaos Necromancer Effect Monster DARK Fiend 1 0 0 Common The ATK of this card becomes the number of Monster Cards in your Graveyard x 300 points.
YSKR-EN018 Blade Knight Effect Monster LIGHT Warrior 4 1600 1000 Common While you have 1 or fewer cards in your hand, this card gains 400 ATK. If this is the only monster you control, negate the effects of Flip Effect Monsters it destroys by battle.
YSKR-EN019 Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV4 Effect Monster FIRE Dragon 4 1600 1000 Common Control of this card cannot switch. During the End Phase of a turn that this card destroyed a monster by battle, by sending this card to the Graveyard, Special Summon 1 "Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6" from your hand or Deck.
YSKR-EN020 Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6 Effect Monster FIRE Dragon 6 2300 1600 Common This card is unaffected by the effects of Spell Cards. During the End Phase of a turn that this card destroyed a monster by battle, you can send this card to the Graveyard to Special Summon 1 "Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8" from your hand or Deck.
YSKR-EN021 Cybernetic Cyclopean Effect Monster EARTH Beast-Warrior 4 1400 200 Common While you have no cards in your hand, increase the ATK of this card by 1000 points.
YSKR-EN022 Puppet Plant Effect Monster EARTH Plant 3 1000 1000 Common By discarding this card from your hand to the Graveyard, take control of 1 face-up Warrior or Spellcaster-Type monster your opponent controls until the end of this turn.
YSKR-EN023 Des Mosquito Effect Monster DARK Insect 3 500 500 Common When this card is Normal or Special Summoned: Place 2 counters on it. It gains 500 ATK for each of these counters. If this card would be destroyed by battle, remove 1 of these counters instead.
YSKR-EN024 Tiger Dragon Effect Monster EARTH Dragon 6 2400 1800 Common If this card is Tribute Summoned by Tributing a Dragon-Type monster, you can destroy up to 2 face-down Spell and Trap Cards your opponent controls.
YSKR-EN025 Vanguard of the Dragon Effect Monster EARTH Dragon 4 1700 1300 Common You can send 1 Dragon-Type monster from your hand to the Graveyard to have this card gain 300 ATK. When this card you control is sent to the Graveyard by your opponent's card effect, you can Special Summon 1 Dragon-Type Normal Monster from either player's Graveyard.
YSKR-EN026 Divine Dragon Apocralyph Effect Monster DARK Dragon 4 1000 1500 Common Once per turn: You can discard 1 card, then target 1 Dragon-Type monster in your Graveyard; add that target to your hand.
YSKR-EN027 Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon Effect Monster DARK Dragon 5 2200 1100 Common If a monster you control is destroyed by battle or by card effect and sent to the Graveyard: You can Special Summon this card from your hand.
YSKR-EN028 Dark Hole Spell Normal Common Destroy all monsters on the field.
YSKR-EN029 Soul Exchange Spell Normal Common Target 1 monster your opponent controls; this turn, if you Tribute a monster, you must Tribute that monster, as if you controlled it. You cannot conduct your Battle Phase the turn you activate this card.
YSKR-EN030 Tribute to the Doomed Spell Normal Common Discard 1 card. Destroy 1 monster on the field.
YSKR-EN031 Rush Recklessly Spell Quick-Play Common Target face-up monster gains 700 ATK until the End Phase.
YSKR-EN032 Mystical Space Typhoon Spell Quick-Play Common Target 1 Spell/Trap Card on the field; destroy that target.
YSKR-EN033 Offerings to the Doomed Spell Quick-Play Common Destroy 1 face-up monster. Skip your next Draw Phase.
YSKR-EN034 Stamping Destruction Spell Normal Common Activate only if you control a face-up Dragon-Type monster. Select 1 Spell or Trap Card on the field, destroy it and inflict 500 damage to its controller.
YSKR-EN035 Enemy Controller Spell Quick-Play Common Active 1 of these effects.
  • Target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; change that target's battle position.
  • Tribute 1 monster, then target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; take control of that target until the End Phase.
  • YSKR-EN036 Burst Stream of Destruction Spell Normal Common If you control a face-up "Blue-Eyes White Dragon": Destroy all monsters your opponent controls. "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" cannot attack the turn you activate this card.
    YSKR-EN037 Shrink Spell Quick-Play Common Select 1 face-up monster on the field. The original ATK of that monster is halved until the end of this turn.
    YSKR-EN038 Shield Crush Spell Normal Common Select 1 Defense Position monster on the field and destroy it.
    YSKR-EN039 Silent Doom Spell Normal Common Target 1 Normal Monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon it in face-up Defense Position. It cannot attack.
    YSKR-EN040 Dragonic Tactics Spell Normal Common Tribute 2 Dragon-Type monsters; Special Summon 1 Level 8 Dragon-Type monster from your Deck.
    YSKR-EN041 Shard of Greed Spell Continuous Common Each time you draw a card(s) for your normal draw in your Draw Phase, place 1 Greed Counter on this card. You can send this card with 2 or more Greed Counters to the Graveyard; draw 2 cards.
    YSKR-EN042 Trap Hole Trap Normal Common When your opponent Normal or Flip Summons a monster with 1000 or more ATK: Target that monster; destroy that target.
    YSKR-EN043 Sakuretsu Armor Trap Normal Common Activate only when an opponent's monster declares an attack. Destroy the attacking monster.
    YSKR-EN044 Shadow Spell Trap Continuous Common Activate this card by targeting 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; it loses 700 ATK, also it cannot attack or change its battle position. When it leaves the field, destroy this card.
    YSKR-EN045 Widespread Ruin Trap Normal Common Activate only when your opponent declares an attack. Destroy 1 Attack Position monster your opponent controls with the highest ATK. (If it's a tie, you get to choose.)
    YSKR-EN046 Threatening Roar Trap Normal Common Your opponent cannot declare an attack this turn.
    YSKR-EN047 Birthright Trap Continuous Common Select 1 Normal Monster from your Graveyard and Special Summon it in face-up Attack Position. When this card is removed from the field, destroy that monster. When that monster is removed from the field, destroy this card.
    YSKR-EN048 Damage Gate Trap Normal Common When you take Battle Damage: Target 1 monster in your Graveyard with ATK less than or equal to the amount of damage you took; Special Summon that target.
    Card # Card Name Type ATR Sub Type LVL ATK DEF Rarity Card Text Buy It
     This set contains 48 cards.