YuGiOh: Deep Sea Diva

Yu-Gi-Oh Card: Deep Sea Diva
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Deep Sea Diva
Type: Tuner monster
Sub-Type: Sea Serpent
Attribute: WATER
Level: 2
ATK: 200
DEF: 400
Text: When this card is Normal Summoned: You can Special Summon 1 Level 3 or lower Sea Serpent-Type monster from your Deck.
Password: 78868119
Printings Maximum Gold: El Dorado (MGED-EN130) - 2021-11-19
OTS Tournament Pack 13 (OP13-EN004) - 2020-06-15
Duelist Saga (DUSA-EN079) - 2017-03-31
Realm of the Sea Emperor Structure Deck (SDRE-EN010) - 2012-10-16
Turbo Pack : Booster 4 (TU04-EN004) - 2010-11-19
Raging Battle (RGBT-EN035) - 2009-05-12