YuGiOh: Performapal Guitartle

Yu-Gi-Oh Card: Performapal Guitartle
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Performapal Guitartle
Type: Pendulum/Effect Monster
Sub-Type: Aqua
Attribute: WATER
Level: 1
ATK: 300
DEF: 400
Text: Once per turn: You can target 1 card in your Pendulum Zone; increase its Pendulum Scale by 2 until the end of this turn.
Pendulum Scale:6
Pendulum Effect:If a "Performapal" card is activated in your other Pendulum Zone: You can draw 1 card. You can only use this effect of "Performapal Guitartle" once per turn.
Password: 53724621
Printings 2016 Mega-Tin Mega Pack (MP16-EN175) - 2016-09-02
OTS Tournament Pack 1 (OP01-EN009) - 2016-03-18
Breakers of Shadow (BOSH-EN004) - 2016-01-15