YuGiOh: Alpha the Magnet Warrior

Yu-Gi-Oh Card: Alpha the Magnet Warrior
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Alpha the Magnet Warrior
Type: Normal Monster
Sub-Type: Rock
Attribute: EARTH
Level: 4
ATK: 1400
DEF: 1700
Text: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma meld as one to form a powerful monster.
Password: 99785935
Printings Speed Duel: Battle City Box (SBCB-EN023) - 2020-12-11
Structure Deck: Yugi Muto (SDMY-EN007) - 2016-10-21
Yugi's Legendary Decks: Yugi Battle City Deck (YGLD-ENB11) - 2015-11-13
Legendary Collection 3: Mega-Pack (LCYW-EN012) - 2012-10-02
Retro Pack 2 (RP02-EN089) - 2009-07-28
Duelists of the Roses (DOR-001) - 2001-09-06