YuGiOh: Dragunity Legionnaire

Yu-Gi-Oh Card: Dragunity Legionnaire
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Dragunity Legionnaire
Type:Effect Monster
Sub-Type:Winged Beast
Text:When this card is Normal Summoned, you can select 1 Level 3 or lower "Dragunity" Dragon-Type monster in your Graveyard, and equip it to this card as an Equip Card. You can send 1 "Dragunity" card from your Spell & Trap Card Zone to the Graveyard to select 1 face-up monster your opponent controls, and destroy it.
Printings: Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1 (HAC1-EN150) - 2022-03-11
Legendary Collection Kaiba Mega Pack (LCKC-EN085) - 2018-03-09
Dragunity Legion Structure Deck (SDDL-EN005) - 2011-03-08
Hidden Arsenal 3 (HA03-EN032) - 2010-12-07