YuGiOh: Evil Thorn

Yu-Gi-Oh Card: Evil Thorn
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Evil Thorn
Type: Effect Monster
Sub-Type: Plant
Attribute: DARK
Level: 1
ATK: 100
DEF: 300
Text: You can Tribute this card to inflict 300 damage to your opponent and Special Summon up to 2 "Evil Thorn"(s) from your Deck in face-up Attack Position. Those monsters' effects cannot be activated.
Password: 85431040
Printings Ghosts From the Past Collector's Set (GFTP-EN077) - 2021-04-16
OTS Tournament Pack 14 (OP14-EN015) - 2020-10-08
Legendary Collection 5D's Structure Deck (LC5D-EN090) - 2014-10-24
Raging Battle (RGBT-EN009) - 2009-05-12