YuGiOh: King's Knight

Yu-Gi-Oh Card: King's Knight
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King's Knight
Type: Effect Monster
Sub-Type: Warrior
Attribute: LIGHT
Level: 4
ATK: 1600
DEF: 1400
Text: When this card is Normal Summoned, if you control "Queen's Knight", you can Special Summon 1 "Jack's Knight" from your Deck.
Password: 64788463
Printings King's Court Booster Pack (KICO-EN027) - 2021-07-09
Speed Duel: Arena of Lost Souls (SBLS-EN005) - 2019-03-28
Structure Deck: Yugi Muto (SDMY-EN015) - 2016-10-21
Yugi's Legendary Decks: Yugi Battle City Deck (YGLD-ENB08) - 2015-11-13
Yugi's Legendary Decks: The Pharaoh's Deck (YGLD-ENC15) - 2015-11-13
Duelist Pack: Battle City (DPBC-EN014) - 2015-06-19
Legendary Collection 3: Mega-Pack (LCYW-EN017) - 2012-10-02
Duelist Pack: Yugi (DPYG-EN011) - 2009-07-11
Dark Revelations Volume 4 (DR04-EN066) - 2007-11-14
Elemental Energy (EEN-EN006) - 2005-11-05