YuGiOh: Lava Golem

Yu-Gi-Oh Card: Lava Golem
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Lava Golem
Type: Effect Monster
Sub-Type: Fiend
Attribute: FIRE
Level: 8
ATK: 3000
DEF: 2500
Text: Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must first be Special Summoned (from your hand) to your opponent's side of the field by Tributing 2 monsters they control. You cannot Normal Summon/Set the turn you Special Summon this card. During each of the controller's Standby Phases: The controller takes 1000 damage.
Password: 00102380
Printings 25th Anniversary Rarity Collection Booster Pack (RA01-EN001) - 2023-11-02
Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1 (HAC1-EN008) - 2022-03-11
Speed Duel Starter Deck: Twisted Nightmares (SS05-ENB01) - 2020-05-15
Shaddoll Showdown Structure Deck (SDSH-EN013) - 2020-02-13
Duelist Pack: Battle City (DPBC-EN034) - 2015-06-19
Legendary Collection 4: Mega-Pack (LCJW-EN117) - 2013-10-11
Marik Structure Deck (SDMA-EN014) - 2010-10-19
Retro Pack 2 (RP02-EN082) - 2009-07-28
Dark Revelations Volume 1 (DR1-EN051) - 2005-03-19
Invasion of Chaos (IOC-SE2) - 2004-03-01
Pharaonic Guardian (PGD-107) - 2003-07-18